Local history eBooks

Your Solihull Library Card gives you access to hundreds of free eBooks available from Solihull Libraries, and we’re trying to add some local history items to the collection.

In order to use our eBooks service, you need to have a valid Solihull Library card (you may join online for immediate access to eBooks and other online resources).

You also need to know the PIN associated with your account. If you join online, you should be asked to set a PIN when you join. If you don’t know your PIN, please email us.

If you have a valid library card, you just need to log into the eBooks site using your library number and PIN.

You may borrow eBooks via the Borrowbox website or Borrowbox app (available for Android, iOS and Kindle Fire devices). For detailed guidance on using the service, please see our library web page.

So far, we have these local titles available to borrow. Clicking on the images will take you through to the Borrowbox eBooks page from where the books may be borrowed.

Cicely Lucas, ed. by Christine Cluley
Marston Green: Down Memory Lane by Margaret Francis (also available to download as PDF (6MB))
Marston Green: A Village Community by Margaret Francis (also available to download as PDF (6MB))
Reminiscences of Kingshurst
Solihull in Wartime cover
Solihull in Wartime by Sue Bates
Solihull Remembers 1914 cover
Solihull Remembers 1914 by Tracey Williams
Solihull Remembers 1915 cover
Solihull Remembers 1915 by Tracey Williams

We are working on adding more content to our eBook selection, so please bear with us. We’re only able to add items that are Solihull Council copyright, or are out of copyright, or where we have permission from the copyright owner(s). Unfortunately, this means that we can’t add everything from our collection.

However, if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see available, please let us know and we’ll do our best to pursue it.

If you have written a book (published or unpublished) about local history relating to anywhere in the present Solihull Metropolitan Borough or the previous Solihull Rural District and would be happy for us to include this in our local eBooks collection, please let us know.

Library Specialist: Heritage & Local Studies

email: heritage@solihull.gov.uk

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