#soliday is here

Don’t forget to share your day today, Tuesday 12th November. Feel free to reply here, or share via Twitter with the hashtag #soliday, or post on our Facebook wall, or write a one-day diary and drop it off at any Solihull Library, or email heritage@solihull.gov.uk.

You can also post pictures to Flickr or videos to YouTube.

Looking forward to everyone’s contribution:-)


Joining in via Twitter

If you, or someone you know, want to share your Solihull Life In A Day via Twitter but don’t know where to start, here are some useful links and tips.

Creating an account

First of all, you need to create an account with Twitter. It’s free of charge – all you need is an email address and an idea of the Twitter user name you want (which must be no longer than 15 characters and not already in use by someone else). Twitter has a brief step-by-step guide to setting up an account.

You can use Twitter by logging in to the website, but on smartphones or tablets, many people find it much more convenient to download an app (either the official Twitter app, or a third-party Twitter client) to view and create tweets.


Once you log into Twitter, you will see your timeline, which will be constantly updated to display tweets from people you follow. Take care when choosing who to follow so that they’re people whose tweets you’re interested in, otherwise you’ll soon feel overwhelmed by irrelevant messages and may wonder why you bothered with Twitter! Having said that, you can unfollow people at any time if you find that their tweets aren’t relevant to you.

Of course, it would be great if you followed @OurSoliday (that’s us) but you don’t actually have to follow us in order to participate in Solihull Life In A Day. You can easily follow us by clicking on the button below, though.

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If you fancy recording your ‘Life in A Day’ in Solihull visually on 12th November, we’d be very glad of contributions through photos or drawings – whatever you feel works best for you.

We’ve set up a Flickr group – although there’s nothing there just yet, of course! However, please do post your contributions to the OurSoliday group there if you upload any images of your day to Flickr. If you make them available under a Creative Commons licence, it will be easier for us to collect the images together for our Solihull Life in A Day time capsule.

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