Town Centre Heritage Trail

In August 2019 staff at the Core Library researched and produced a new town centre heritage trail leaflet for Solihull town centre – the first time for 20 years that such a guide has been available.

The leaflet was printed thanks to support from Touchwood and Solihull BID. Once services resume at The Core (which is currently operating limited services owing to Covid-19 restrictions) the free leaflet will be available to collect from there.

In the meantime, and to celebrate the Government’s “Love Culture Week,” we’ve adapted the leaflet to fit onto A4 sheets so you can view it from your mobile device or print it from home if you want to explore some of the town centre’s history.

Download Solihull Town Centre Heritage Trail leaflet (PDF)

There’s also an extended map-based tour on Google Maps. It covers about 3.75km and you can walk it by taking your mobile device with you, or take a virtual walk by following the route below on your computer.

There’s a lot more that we wanted to share with you that we couldn’t fit into the leaflet so do have a look at our “Solihull Town Centre: Then and Now” video for a virtual guided tour of the town centre.

We’d love to hear what you think of the walk, the leaflet or the video, so please leave a comment or email

Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group (WGCG) has also produced a geological trail leaflet that covers Solihull town centre.

Heritage & Local Studies Librarian

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