Joining in via Twitter

If you, or someone you know, want to share your Solihull Life In A Day via Twitter but don’t know where to start, here are some useful links and tips.

Creating an account

First of all, you need to create an account with Twitter. It’s free of charge – all you need is an email address and an idea of the Twitter user name you want (which must be no longer than 15 characters and not already in use by someone else). Twitter has a brief step-by-step guide to setting up an account.

You can use Twitter by logging in to the website, but on smartphones or tablets, many people find it much more convenient to download an app (either the official Twitter app, or a third-party Twitter client) to view and create tweets.


Once you log into Twitter, you will see your timeline, which will be constantly updated to display tweets from people you follow. Take care when choosing who to follow so that they’re people whose tweets you’re interested in, otherwise you’ll soon feel overwhelmed by irrelevant messages and may wonder why you bothered with Twitter! Having said that, you can unfollow people at any time if you find that their tweets aren’t relevant to you.

Of course, it would be great if you followed @OurSoliday (that’s us) but you don’t actually have to follow us in order to participate in Solihull Life In A Day. You can easily follow us by clicking on the button below, though.

An easy way of finding potentially useful people to follow is to look at who other people are following or being followed by. You can follow anyone whose account is public, you don’t have to be authorised by them, and they don’t have to follow you in return. Many people think Twitter is just celebrity tweets and inconsequential streams of consciousness but it really depends on who you follow – your timeline can become an incredibly useful personalised news and information feed, completely reflecting your interests.

You can start tweeting straight away but people will only see your tweets if they are following you, or if they search for words that you use in your tweets.

Public v. Protected

Twitter accounts are either public or protected (i.e. private). If your account is public, then anyone can see your tweets if they want to. A protected account has tweets that are only visible to people you have approved.

If you want to participate in Solihull Life In A Day, you do need to have a public account. However, it’s worth always being mindful with your tweets so that you don’t compromise your own or others’ privacy. It’s easy to get paranoid about social media and be put off from using it at all over privacy fears but it’s really just about being sensible about how much you reveal, especially details such as full name, location, place of work, absences from home and the names of family members or friends. Just be aware that if your tweets are public, anyone can read them if they want, regardless of whether they’re following you.


You can start tweeting straight away when you have an account. There are some tips on Twitter’s website about how to tweet, mention other Twitter users, and retweet other people’s posts. You are only allowed to use 140 characters in a tweet, which can be a challenge. You soon get the hang of using abbreviations where possible – gr8 m8!

You can include photos in your tweets, as well, if you wish.

You will soon come across hashtags on Twitter – these are words or phrases that are preceded by a # (hash) symbol. These are often used for TV programmes (e.g. #WDYTYA (for Who Do You Think You Are)), or r events (e.g. #UKstorm). They are useful because you can click on a hashtag and see other tweets in which the hashtag has appeared, which makes it easy to see tweets on the subject from people you’re not following. You can make up your own hashtags and use whatever you want #ThereAreNoHashTagRules

Solihull Life In A Day

As we can only use 140 characters in a tweet, using SolihullLifeInADay for tweets on 12th November would be a bit long, so we’ve decided to use #soliday as a convenient way of collecting together people’s tweets about the day. It does mean that you have to remember to use #soliday in every tweet you want to contribute on the day.

To make it easier, you can send a tweet with the hashtag already inserted by using the link below

That’s it!

Please tweet whatever you want about your day, for example: what time you get up, what you eat and drink, whether you eat on-the-go or as a family, how you travel to work, school, shops etc., how you spend your day, how you feel about things – really whatever you feel is important to you.

Everyone’s contributions will be collected together by staff at the Council’s Heritage & Local Studies Service at Solihull Central Library. We’ll combine everyone’s tweets, emails, written diaries, photos, Facebook posts etc. and create a virtual ‘time capsule’ showing what life was like in the borough on this one ordinary day.

Further help

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a message on here, or email us.

Look forward to reading everyone’s #soliday tweets 🙂


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