A picture’s worth a thousand words…

If you fancy recording your ‘Life in A Day’ in Solihull visually on 12th November, we’d be very glad of contributions through photos or drawings – whatever you feel works best for you.

We’ve set up a Flickr group – although there’s nothing there just yet, of course! However, please do post your contributions to the OurSoliday group there if you upload any images of your day to Flickr. If you make them available under a Creative Commons licence, it will be easier for us to collect the images together for our Solihull Life in A Day time capsule.

Alternatively, of course, you can just email them to us at heritage@solihull.gov.uk, or tweet them using the hashtag #soliday, or post them on our Facebook page. We still do analogue as well, so you can bring in paper copies or prints to any Solihull library, or post them to us at: Solihull Life In A Day, Solihull Heritage & Local Studies Service, Central Library, Homer Road, Solihull B91 3RG.

If you have children who would like to contribute one or more drawings or paintings of their day, we’d be delighted to add those to the time capsule too. You can send them to us in the same way as the photos, as above.

It’s really just the ordinary, everyday things we’re trying to capture – whatever you feel is typical or important, or sums up your day.

This photo below is a blended ‘memoryscape’ image of everyday street scenes in Solihull High Street in 1948 and 2007. I like to think that the everyday things of the past are still with us in the memory of the landscape or streetscape, even if we don’t always know it! Please do add your contribution to the borough’s time capsule showing what it was like to be in the Solihull borough on 12th November 2013.


Memoryscape of McDonald's building, High Street, Solihull

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