Marston Green: Coronation Day 1937

In 1937, there was to be a celebration in Marston Green with the Coronation of King George Vl and Queen Elizabeth. A Coronation Celebrations Committee was made up of many of the local public figures and between them they organised a day of events starting at 9.30 in the morning and closing with a bonfire and fireworks display at 10.00 that night.

A letter had been sent to all the residents of Marston Green giving information for:

‘The forthcoming celebrations in order that you may have ample time for preparation’.

The committee proposed that they would be responsible for decorating the roads in the immediate vicinity of the Carnival Grounds, but it was hoped that ‘residents would co-operate with one another throughout the district by running streamers, bunting etc. across the roads.

Coronation Day, May 12th, began with a parade of ex-servicemen, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Cubs and Brownies and continued on to a United Religious Service in the Village Hall accompanied by a combined choir of the St Leonard’s and the Free Churches.

Extract from programme:
To Residents of Marston Green. Your committee have pleasure in publishing further information of the forthcoming celebrations in order that you may have ample time for preparation. House decoration, £7 10s 0d prizes. Shop decorations, four prizes to the value of £2 10s 0d are being allocated for this form of display. Carnival Procession - valuable prizes, Fancy Dress Parade competitions for Tradespeople, Private Decorated vehicles, cycles and prams, individuals etc., also various tableaux by local organisations.
Marston Green Coronation Celebrations programme

Houses and shops were decorated and they were judged throughout the day.

The district was divided into four areas to each of which three prizes of £7.10/- (£7.50) were being allocated for the house decoration. The shops had the opportunity to win one of four prizes of £2.10/- (£2.50).

There were Sports and Games, a Grand Carnival and Fancy-Dress Parade as well as a tea for the children and supper for the old folks in the Village Hall.

The programme for the Coronation Celebrations included an entry form for any kind of decorated vehicle or individual fancy dress as well as the opportunity to be part of a Tableau illustrative of the British Empire.

1st Marston Green Guides Company in the Coronation Procession, 1937

The photograph of the 1st Marston Green Guides Company float includes:

  • England (Britannia) – S Heath (Captain)
  • Ireland – S. Goodhall
  • Scotland – Ethel Whitehead
  • Wales – P. Perkins
  • Justice – M. Gladwyn (Lieutenant)
  • Industry – S. Yoxley
  • Liberty – Esme Taylor

The procession began at 1.30 p.m. from Elmdon Road at the side of the School Field and led over Land Land along Elmdon Lane to the station level crossing into Station Road and back to the starting point. The adult and vehicular procession made a much wider circuit of the village continuing over Elmdon Road bridge and continuing on to Elmdon Lane.

The whole community was catered for and from the literature available at the time it seems that everyone enjoyed being part of this national celebration.

© Margaret Francis, 2022.

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