Tuesday 12th November 2013 is #soliday!

On Tuesday 12th November 2013, everyone living, working, studying or visiting any of the places that make up the Borough of Solihull is invited to share their day with each other and with future generations through social media, photos, videos, or written diaries.

The contributions will be archived by the borough’s Heritage & Local Studies Service to capture the everyday life of the borough in a single ordinary day, creating a fascinating time capsule to show what it was like to be alive in Solihull on this particular day.

In a similar way to Mass Observation’s one-day diaries we want you to tell us about your day on 12th November. You can tell us whatever seems appropriate to you.

We’ll put further details here over the next few weeks but, if you want any further information in the meantime or have any questions please post a comment here or get in touch with Tracey Williams at Solihull Central Library on 0121 704 6934 or by email.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 12th November 2013 is #soliday!

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    1. Thanks so much for being willing to contribute. If you want to contribute via Twitter, we’ll pick up all tweets sent using the hashtag #soliday. If you want to post comments here, you’re welcome to do that, or if you have your own blog, you’re welcome to post there and let us know the link. You can also post on our Facebook wall

      Hope this helps – we’ll be putting exact details of how to upload photos and videos, too.

      Many thanks,


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