16th November 1918

Wehrmann Paul Baum, 113638, a German prisoner of war, died of pneumonia at Elliot’s Hall, Cheswick Green on 16th November 1918, aged 42. He was buried at St Patrick’s Church, Salter Street on 21st November.

He was born on 7th May 1877 in Breslau, which was in Lower Silesia, Prussia at the time, before becoming part of Poland in 1945 with a new name of Wroclaw.

We don’t know anything about Paul’s life, other than he served in the German Army with the rank of Wehrman (soldier/private) and was captured at Arras on 28th April 1917. He was initially held in a British hospital in France, where he was treated for asthma.

He was then sent to England as a Prisoner of War and was billeted at Elliot’s Hall, Creynold’s Lane, which had been the home of the Horton family until about 1901. Since 1967 Elliot’s Hall has been a Lloyds TSB Training College.

Paul Baum’s next of kin was Frau Martha Baum, whose address was given as Breslau, Schl. Klosterstr. 136.

If you have any further information, please let us know.

Heritage & Local Studies Librarian


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